I’ve read many books throughout the year and I feel like I have grown as a reader more than I have grown as a writer. I always knew I was strong in math and I thought I would never improve as a reader but after this semester I feel like I’ve learned new things that makes me think I can improve. One of my favorite authors is Alexei Sherman and I always thought his books were about his experience but when you analyze his books, there’s a whole meaning to the little things he writes. I’ve also learned that a writer always includes a small detail on purpose, but he might never tell the audience why. Also, this semester we didn’t really do any kinds of fictional reading. Which is good and bad since reading articles helped me with my annotation. It’s also bad because I really need help annotating fictional readings like figuring out what literary devices were used etc. Things like that. But overall this class really change my perspective on reading since I’ve learned about rhetorical analysis. I feel like learning about it was one of the most important things in class since it helped us figure out how the audience, author and message connect. I feel like that was something that help my perspective grow as a reader. 

During this semester we were asked to do a lot of free writes. One sentence that I felt that really stood out was about writing that we did at the beginning of the semester. It was the “I am” writing we did. I wrote “I am the example to my sister and brothers” I feel like it was strong since it had meaning to it. The thing that developed from that sentence was a sense of hope and pressure to my siblings, it may not seem a lot to the audience but there are many people who can relate. Another sentence I wrote down was “Being able to speak two languages separates me for others”. Here I developed the idea of how being able to speak more than one language makes you special and almost everyone can agree with the idea.  I feel like the ideas I document are relatable to most Hispanic kids. “A paragraph isn’t a fence that keeps the words together but for me it is a memory, every chapter is a school grade from pre-k to college”. This is something that may be relatable to all writers. Here I develop the idea of what a paragraph means to me or how my life can be explained in literature. Writers write to document but at the same time they’ll develop connections, that their audience can connect to. I do agree that writers document and develop at the same time. 

The reading and writing of this semester have helped me a lot in an architecture point of view. It is true that language does separate one from the identity. It’s also true in this case, the writing and reading we did in this class not only helped our reading and writing but it also helped us analyze a building better. The readings helped us view buildings differently. Form different opinions we once had. For example, before the class we were not able to see if a building was ugly. But now with the readings we have done we can say if its ugly or not and prove it. Like language, the things we’ve learned has formed a new identity that connects us with the world. Before I would have never have thought how cruel New York City could be to handicaps but now I do. This class has helped me see things from other people’s perspectives. This new identity that was formed this semester, helps me connect more to the greater world since it helps me understand people better. Like language it makes me different from others. I am someone who speaks two languages and I can say that learning architecture makes me a little different than people who don’t. Since I feel like they won’t see things the way I would. This class has improved my point of view in a way that I didn’t think was possible. My reading and writing has strengthen as much as my perspective.